Introduction to First Tier Add On.

What is ‘First Tier Add On’?

First Tier Add On is a credit based upgrade system for you to upgrade your Extended/Agency press release to First Tier press release.

What is the benefit of upgrading?

Upgrading a press release will include your press release into our First Tier circuit. Our First Tier circuit includes a numbers of highly authoritative sites like Yahoo! News (Inclusion is not guaranteed. Publication of your press release is subject to Yahoo! News approval).

Why ‘First Tier Add On’?

There could be hundreds of different reasons why you would want to upgrade your press release. But here’s one very likely scenario:

You distributed a Extended/Agency press release with us, and the result has been great. Hundreds of unique visitors visit your website after the release, and you would love to further improve that. To do that, you can purchase a First Tier Add On and upgrade your press release to First Tier release.

By distributing your press release on our First Tier circuit, your press release will gain more online visibility and exposure, bringing you even more visitors.

So how do I use ‘First Tier Add On’?

To use a First Tier Add On, you must first have your Extended/Agency press release approved and distributed. Once your press release goes live, you can then upgrade your press release to First Tier press release in your dashboard.

Upgrade status

As shown in the image above, an ‘Upgrade’ button will be available once your Extended/Agency press release goes live. On the other hand, Extended/Agency press releases that are in draft, awaiting approval or rejected will not have the option to upgrade.

What is the limitation of ‘First Tier Add On’?

You will have to upgrade your press release within 60 hours of your press release publication.

The limitation is imposed because press release syndication is suppose to be timely and fresh. Publishing a press release twice at two very different time frame will greatly affect the credibility of a press release. Besides credibility, there is also a potential that search engine might treat the second release as a duplicated content if it is published at a very different time frame.

That’s why First Tier Add-On is only available for freshly distributed press release (within 60 hours of publication).

What if Yahoo! News reject my release?

Unsuccessful upgrade will not be accounted. You will retain your credit if your upgrade fails (rejected by Yahoo! News).

What is the price of ‘First Tier Add On’?

Each ‘First Tier Add On’ upgrade would cost $89

Can I bulk purchase ‘First Tier Add On’?

Yes you can, contact us for more information.

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